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The other night our power went out, but this was no ordinary power outage; it was a spectacular lightening show. It probably was even better because all lights for a 5 mile radius were none existent. To tell the whole story, me and my roommate where watching TV. when we heard the storm start to roll in. I immediately jumped to my feet to check if my windows were down, which they were, but forgot my keys in my room. So as I opened the door I could see this wall of water come down my street and I was so stunned that I couldnít move for a second. When I finally came to, I ran to get my keys and run outside to roll up my window and I donít know how, but I made it in time. However, I asked my roommate if he was hungry and we decided that we should go get food now before the storm got too bad. It was a good idea because as soon as we ordered from Wendyís and got to the window, the lady had just enough time to take our money before quite a bit of Bryan would lose power. As we were sitting there, everything went dark, and I mean pitch black. There were no street lights, no red lights, no nothing for as far as we could see. However, as we were sitting there we saw this huge explosion in the distance near hwy 6 and briarcrest. And it kept exploding after a series of lightening bolts hit around the same place. Well, they actually had time to fix our food before the power went out, so we grabbed it and got back home. But as we expected our power was out too. So having nothing else to do, we left our front door open and watched the show. There was one bolt of lightening that was the craziest Iíve ever seen. It must have jumped to 15 different clouds before it hit the ground. I did get out my tape recorder and tried to get some of it, and I think this one turned out the best. lightening/thunder