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How do you know me?

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A lot of people probably donít really know me at all, but recognize my face. These people probably met me in the most random of all places. I really never know where Iím going to be from night to night because Iím very spontaneous and love to do anything that anyone suggests. So I cant even tell you where all I have been because there is so many places, but if you are one of those people you never know when or where Iím going to see you again. And some of these people I just kept seeing over and over again and now I know their name and hang out on a regular basis.

A couple of places I can just think of right of the top of my head is, south padre on spring break and Colorado over winter break. Since alcohol was the drink of choice at both of these places, I donít quite remember everything, but when I see a face I usually recognize it. But I will say there is always a story when you meet in a random place and Iím glad to share what ever story we had when we met where-ever we met.

Although a random place is just that, there usually was at least on common similarity, the Party Hat. If you have seen the party hat, then you have seen me in one of these random places. The hat goes to any random party that I may be in attendance. For example, not only has the hat made it to local college station parties, but people have come up to tell me that they saw me wearing it in South Padre and New Orleans.

Even though the random page is meant for the people that I've only met in these random places, I will say that all these different categories that people know me from actually probably come together threw these random places. It all fits together like a twisted web and seems to work out pretty good.

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