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If you know me from class, then I probably should apologize because you probably know the least about me then any of my friends. This is mainly due the many times I miss class or if I do attend, then I probably am out of it and in a deep sleep.

Iím a computer science major and I think I have come to the conclusion that I didnít take the same order of classes as everyone else in my year. I havenít really been able to see too many of the same people in my classes from year to year. So I conclude that I just jump into a different group of friends each class I take. However, this is my last semester and I have been able to get kind of close to a few common people. I will also say that this is probably my favorite semester because of the elective classes I get to take.

The one I'll first mention is the class Iím actually doing this web page for, Information Media. I really like this class because I've been here for four years and have never taken a class on web pages. Itís really fun because I think computers will be used the most for web access and it enable me to dive to web design. In this class we are learning a lot about design and how to look at things. One of the most interesting things I've seen so far is the idea behind the "one plus one equals three diagram." I never really thought of it this way, but it really could be in many aspects of work.

Even though class should be the main reason to be here in college, I think that I have gained much more from the people I have met. And the people that have joined me in the grueling conquest of conquering the computer science program are among the top of my respect. We all know that it hasnít been easy and I hope to see all of ya'll succeed.

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