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Bush / Berner

Buadrillard / Duchamp

Nelson / Borges

How do you know me?


This essay sketch was created based on the ideas from Vanevar Bush's: Memex, Tim Berners-Lee: World-Wide Web, Buadrillard: hyperrealty, Duchamp: fountain, Ted Nelson: hypertext, and Jorge Luis Borges: 'The Garden of the Forking Paths', as well as navagation threw my life using the ideas brought forth by each man. The journey begins with a little explination of each idea with a little glimse of the connection to my life, signaled by hypertext. But once you have finished exploring all the concepts that I learned from these men, you are allowed to dive completely into the intrigite web of how you might know me.


How You Know Me


dorm life


random places