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Buadrillard brings to us a concept of hyperreality. This is when an object or situation is turned into one that doesn't exist in the real world. I have found this idea to be exceptionally compelling and use it in my life quite often. The best example I have to support this idea is the movies. In fact, I love movies for this exact reason. What i mean is that when I go into a movie, it seems that everything else just dissapears and I get swallowed in this fantasy land that Hollywood has seemed to sucessfully create. But we all know that movies aren't real and eventually we will have to come back to the "real world" and play by the "real" rules.

Another example to think about concerning hyperreality in web page design is the one plus one equals three diagram. Check it out and deside for yourself if this is real or does one plus one still equal two.

Duchamp's 'Fountain' definatly had a revolutionizing way people viewed art. Art would now be more of a product of the mind than just creating something. If an artist deems an everyday object to be art, then it becomes so. It's all in the context of how the object is viewed. This allows just about anything to become art, all depending on how you are looking at it and what it means to you. Can you think of something that maybe you would find extrodonary, if only it was displayed or used in a different way?

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