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How do you know me?

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Vanevar Bush's "Memex" was based on one underlying premise, associative indexing.

In fact, the topic of this essay sketch is how you might know me or one might say how you associate with me. For example, you might associate the "party hat" with me because you met me in some random place where you saw me wearing it.

Bush noted that our minds work by association, why should our information be organized hierarchically? Through associations, our experience don't have to be sequential, and any sequence is possible. Since the human mind relates by association, he thought there should be a device that also associates by association where all books, records, and other communications could be interrelated. If you really think about it, this isn't to far away from how the internet now works.

The World Wide Web has to be one of the greatest and now one of the most vital inventions of the late twentieth century because it allows everyone to utilize the most important assets to humans, COMMUNICATION. However, when Tim Berners-Lee created it, he was not thinking of the use as we know it today. HTML and URLs were meant to be background issues that would never be visible to the user. The interaction between people as well as the information posted was meant to continuously run on. Either way, the Web as we know it succesfully allows us to easily communicate world wide and instantly market ourselfs in what ever way each user deems appropriate.


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