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I can honestly say that everything I have done here at college has revolved around my dorm, Hotard Hall. When I drew Hotard as a freshman, I had no idea where it was or what it was like. But as I soon found out, it was the smallest dorm on campus. If you know about Hotard, then probably only one of the few things you have heard about it is we call it the Hotard Hilton and actually have legal rights to use the Hilton 'H'

The only other thing that we are known widely for, and most people donít even know it came from us, is the Hotard Janitor . If you havenít heard this then you got to listen to it because it is the funniest thing ever. The story goes like this; a guy that lived in the dorm the year before me went to ask the janitor if he could have some toilet paper because there was none left in the stalls. Well she flipped out and cursed at him with a bit of temper. The key was he was wearing a tape recorder and recorded the whole thing and the rest is history.

We have a lot of other stories but I donít think I'm going to go into too much detail about those right now. But for you guys out there that live in the dorm, I think we all know the rest of the stories. Maybe come if you come to one of our parties , we can swap some stories. However, every once and a while a story about Hotard will float around campus and the entangled network of dorm life on campus expands again. I believe that the key to this campus and the traditions are kept up by the dorms. This is why even though I have been out of the dorm for 2 years, I still go back and keep the dorm informed on what is going on or help pass the traditions down to the guys next year. So I believe that the best place to bring the spirit of aggieland back to A&M is to bring it back to the dorm and work up the chain.

Being the smallest dorm on campus, it is very easy to reach all of the residents of this dorm and show them what is important to A&M. Seeing this, the guys of Hotard have always been big participants in bonfire and its rebirth. I can say Hotard officially did their own bonfire and was a main piece in Unity project, but a group of friends that just happen to live together did have a big part in both of these.

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