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Most people call me Mac, due to a nickname I got when I was a freshman, simply because it's alot easier to remember "thats Mac, a Mark McGuire look alike" then "thats Jason, just another student at Texas A&M."

Iím a senior at Texas A&M and I will actually be graduating right on time, May 2003. Iím also a computer science major with a business minor and plan on going on to get a MBA. I love just about every sport there is, but football is probably my favorite. I'm probably one of the biggest people-person there is and I love throwing parties because I believe it's the best way to bring all kinds of people together.

Physical attributes of Jason Lampton:

Height: 5-11
Sex: male
Race: white
Age: 21

Hair color: brown/red
Eye color: hazel
Glasses: contacts
Weight: 220

I want to take some time and add a little thought about Manovich and his view off computers on todays culture. I believe that he is right, in the fact that computers have had an effect on todays society. But I dont think it has been for the worse. I want to throw out an example of how the computer is a good thing. Computers have been made to compute many many times the speed that we can think. Take the age calculator that i found below. How long do you think it would take to calculate how many second you have been alive? You might say that is a useless piece of information, but it holds true for many of the things we need to use everyday. It's true that we can get along without the computer, but Manovich is definatly right, it is part of our culture, and i think it has made life in total a lot better.

Age calculator (fun toy you should try out)

Enter your date of birth
Month Date Year Hours

You have been living for:
In months:
In weeks:
In days:
In hours:
In minutes:
In seconds:
In Milliseconds:
Your next birthday will be in:

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