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journal #6 - The recruit

journal #18 - X men 2

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I love movies so much that I have to see any movie that comes out, as soon as it comes out. I can definatly say that I see every movie, good or bad. I'm addicted and curious at the same time. I guess I have to see it for myself so I can decide for myself if I like it or not. Because I have seen so many movies, i have problems remembering which ones I have and haven't seen yet. I have always wanted a database that i could keep track of the movies, so when I go to Blockbuster I know if i've already seen it. So I have implimented a cookie based textfield to keep track of my movies on my website.

However, I don't want to be the only one that has access to this tool, so I found a java script that would remember only your list of movies. It utilizes cookies to do this and works pretty well. So every entry you put in this textfield, only you can see it when you return. This will allow you your own bit of privacy on my webpage.

Keep your movie titles and comments in the text field and keep expanding as you go: