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final project
essay sketch

Main page


This map shows how to navigate threw the whole website, starting from the Final Project. It describes the main flow and not all nodes or extra things on each page.

This map shows how the old nodes and new nodes are conected or overlapped. The new keywords include just about everything but each has a lot of new information. I drew a "fun line" threw some of the nodes because I tried to make my overall them to be "fun" and this line is connected to each node that I thought had the most fun involved.

This map shows how far each one of my new nodes goes. All pages seemed to have a information part included. However, only one got to a response state. This one is the party page, because on this page you send me a party schedual and I end up posting it perminatly. The movie node almost achieves this because you can actually store your own info on this page, but no one else can see it. The Games page reaches an interactive state because the user can play many games and achieve minimal feedback from the games. And finally, the identity page sneaks into the interactive state, but not too far, because it only has a calculater function.