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journal #4 - Ski trip

journal #10 - The party

journal #19 - Bachelor Party

journal #20 - Graduation Party

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I've created a site that you, the interactor, can notify me about parties you may know about. Using the AIM script below, notify me with all information and i will perminatly post it to the list. In the mean time it will only show up from your computer.

I have also created some links, to the left, of parties that have already happend with pictures posted as I recieve them.

When ever someone tells me about a party, there is always one thing that has to be exchanged before you get to the party. I'm talking about directions and in most cases you need to have a map to get where you are going. This brings up Turnbull’s paper, Maps are Territories and his ideas of iconic and symbolic representation. If you have ever gotten directions like "go down that street and turn at the school", then you have experienced Turnbull's idea of iconic representation. This idea is a map based on visual features. And if you have ever gotten good directions, like "go down Texas for 1.1 miles and turn on Broadmoor till you reach house 803," then you would have experienced his idea of symbolic representation. This idea is a map based on numbers or graphic details in words. Now put these two ideas together and you can only imagine that this would make the best map ever to follow. Even though my example had to do with finding parties, this idea could be put to good use in creating a web page that anyone could navigate threw.

1 April 29 / 10:00pm / Mac's house / Moving out party Delete
2 May 3 / 7:00pm / Macho's house / Mike's Bachelor Delete
3 May 9 / 5:00pm / Mac's house / Graduation BBQ and Beer Delete

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