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Essay Sketch

essay #1
essay #1.1
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Usability Evaluation


Do you consider yourself a: A)computer genius B)average computer user C)can get along if I have enough time D)never touch a computer without help

A)computer genius

How often do you use the web?

every day

Have you been to my website before? If so, what do you think overall?

Yes. I thought it was easy to use and pretty good for a beginner.

In this essay sketch, were you able to follow it easily and effectively?

Yes. The navigation was very easy and gave me no problem. An A+

What did you think overall?

I liked it, it was vlowed very good and looks nice.

What did you think of the navigation?

The navigation was definatly the best part and was easy to follow.

Did you notice the @ symbol in the navigation? If not, how could I have made it better?

No. It wasn't visable enough. I suggest changing the whole word or making it bigger.

What did you think about the use of text and pictures?

The design was really good and kept me reading.

Could you relate to the material?

Yes. I have known mac for 4 years, and think everything was right on.

Is there anything you would have changed or added?

I would add some more links at the bottom of each page, maybe directing you to the same places the navigation bars did.