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sound - main
door creaking
my motorcycle - Yamaha FZR
Friends car - Trans AM
Tree falling

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My composition was inspired by the movie top gun with a little wild spur of some personal aspects of my life. It starts with the sound that woke me up when I thought of the idea; my roommate’s door that creaks when he gets in late from work. When this woke me up, my TV was still on and just so happened to be playing the movie Top Gun. Even though it wasn't exactly at the part I would soon do this composition on, it did get me thinking and kept me awake till I figured out just what I wanted to do. I love speed and nothing fit better than the motorcycle Tom Cruise rode in that movie and the song he rode off to. So I went out and recorded my motorcycle and thought I would add a little sound competition between it and my friends Trans AM that I got off a video clip when I taped him at the track. To change up the seen, I thought I would add a little thunder to the mix, because I love the rain. I also thought I could add a clip I already had of a tree falling down, maybe due to the lightening. After last weekend when I was out cleaning up the site of last years bonfire by burning off some brush we had and drinking a few beers, I thought I would record the sound that we all fell asleep to; the burning brush. So I figured I would bring this in to conclude the composition. So, I can truly say this piece, took me from waking up to falling back to sleep.

Final sound composition